Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Home Quarantine Workout Routine, Fight Coronavirus!

Coronavirus has been the talk in all social media, online and even offline. Since its outbreak in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the government of different countries all over the world had their own way of fighting the virus and one of them is social distancing and recommends citizens to stay at home or what we call "Home quarantine." All members of the family are at home. I work from home. Aside from this work, all I think is food and drinks. Do you feel the same? Are you guilty about it? Now, let me share with you my home quarantine workout routine just to ease the guilt and of course, for healthy living.

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I would like to thank PLDT Home Fibr for a reliable internet while I am currently doing my Work From Home and blogging during break time. This is a BIG HELP to us!

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Getting yourselves healthy and fit is one of the tools that you can do and help fight this Coronavirus. Of course, accompanied by eating healthy dishes such as veggies, fruits, and some fiber and vitamins rich food will suit our body for a healthier version of "us."

So, I woke up 11 in the morning. Turn the wifi on and start reading news regarding this virus. Then before I login to my laptop and start my work by 2:00 PM (Philippines Time), I try to do a 30-minute workout inside my room. Let me share with you my Home Quarantine Workout Routine.

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WARM-UP: I start my routine with Toe-to-head warm-up. 8 Counts each then reverse.

Photo by orthoinfo.aaos.org

  • Ankle Rotation
  • Knee Rotation 
  • Hips Rotation 
  • Full Arms Circle
  • Head Rotation
  • Head Side

FIRST SET: - Do this 3-4 times before doing the next set.
JUMPING JACK  (100 counts ) + SQUAT (30 counts)  + RUNNING IN PLACE (30 secs)

Jumping Jack - Photo by cdn.thinglink.me

Squat - Photo by experiencelife.com.jpg

Running in PLace -Photo by pinterest

SECOND SET : - Do this 3-4 times before doing the next set.
CRUNCHES (30 counts) + LEG RAISE (30 counts) + LYING SIDE BEND (30 counts)

Crunches - Photo by Fitness19

Leg raise - Photo by livestrong

Lying Side Bend - Photo by spasifikmag

THIRD SET :- Do this 3-4 times before doing the next set.
PUSH-UP (30 counts) + 30 SECS PLANK

Push-up - Photo by vecteezy

Perfect Plank - Photo by Menshealth

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COOL DOWN - same routine with our warm-up but this time, do it from head to toe.

PLUS ROUTINE : Now, since most of my Cebu Bloggers Society friends and social media contacts are working at home, here are some of their workout routines at home. You may check out the original posts.






Stay at home and do self-care! Let's all help stop spreading this Coronavirus and start a healthy lifestyle while at home! Take care netifriends!


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