Top 10 Hunks and Babes of Laboracay 2017 Unleashed!

How's your summer going? This weekend, the country's best island, Boracay will host the grandest gathering of hunks and babes from different regions of the country and from different countries of the world. Welcome to Laboracay 2017! Starting April 27 to May 1, 2017, the island will never sleep as beach parties will never stop!

Laboracay 2016 Hunks and Babes. (Clockwise) Photo Credits: @culverpadilla @guerrerofamoso @aresmeris @blckmmba55 @divinemlee @vinaguerrero and @vjlovelle
Last year, we started featuring Philippines Hunks and Babes of Laboracay to acknowledge their struggles in maintaining their adorable bodies. This year, we are excited to continue in highlighting our Gym Idols! There are two ways on how to be featured, here's how!

1. Send a message to our Cebu Fitness Blog facebook page with following details.

  • Full Name
  • Instagram Account/Handle
  • Featured Pic (from instagram post)

2. Since we are monitoring the hashtag #Laboracay2017, please do not forget to put that in your instagram posts.

Be advised that we list down the top 10 not based on the number of likes but we are basing on the total package or impact of the photo.  If you are fit, you might get it! If you wish to recommend someone, do not forget to send us a message at our official facebook page. The final list will be revealed on May 1, 2017.

TOP 10 Laboracay Hunks of 2017

1. Adrian Roy Esmeris on his 3rd day in paradise!

2. Now, the real definition of HUNK! Janjep it is!

A post shared by janjep carlos (@janjep) on

3. While most of the hunks were flaunting their abs, Guerrero just killed it - here's how you show an ass!

A post shared by Famoso Guerrero (@guerrerofamoso) on

4. Jay Cee showed you on how to feel the summer!

5. He's your #Laboracay2017 Superman, Clark!

A post shared by clark dave (@the_clarkdave) on

6. Yacht Party during Laboracay 2017? Why not? Mark Jason did it!

7. Blow that whistle, Jay!

A post shared by Jay Gonzaga πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ (@jay_gonzaga) on

8. Ferdinand asked what's your story?

A post shared by Ferdinand Recio (@ferdzrecio) on

9. Hey Fritz! What's that - what were you doing?

A post shared by Fritz Clavejo Marfil (@kiddomanz11) on

10. He just love sunshine!

A post shared by Andrew Plomantes (@andrewjason) on

Oh wait, before heading to our top babes, you might want to check out our Author's Instagram account; @mmonta. (You can also send DM to him if you wish to be featured here.)

TOP 10 Laboracay Babes of 2017

1. She deserves the spot!
A post shared by EvΓ© ArΓ©llΓ’no (@luna.eve) on

2. Oh! Those eyes, so sexy!
A post shared by Michaela M. (@elachae) on

3. Hey there....

Goin' tanned. ☀️ #livingthelimelife πŸ“· @andreoh4u

A post shared by Kathy Estopin (@iamkathyestopin) on

4. Now, this is sexy!
A post shared by Jaz Cerezo (@jazcerezo) on

5. Oh Tiffany!
A post shared by tiffany_sylvia (@tiffany_sylvia) on

6.Hey there sexy!
A post shared by TRFπŸ₯€ (@thearuthfrances) on
7. All eyes on the algea!
A post shared by Avie Cruz (@aviecruz) on

8. Sexy back!

9.Sexy Mermaid?
A post shared by I follow my own pathπŸ–€ (@_cyril.ann) on

10. Chill!
A post shared by annatravelista (@annatravelista) on

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