Get Healthy And Real Food at The Detox Bar

So last Friday, after that sweet escape in Solea Mactan Cebu Resort, we headed to Maria Luisa Subdivision to get that promised Healing Yoga at the Detox Bar. And it was not just an anticipating exercises, we were fed with healthy options from the Detox Bar after the event.

Get healthy options at the Detox Bar
Get healthy options at the Detox Bar
All I thought Detox Bar is more on Drinks and Beverages but they got delicious choices of dishes. Not to mention there are different programs that every customer can choose to loose weight. Namely, Real Food Delivery, All-Natural Detox Program, and Brewed Health Drinks. I don't do sugarcoating or marketing this restaurant for them to sell, but honestly, The Detox Bar got all you want in terms of Diet, Food Choice, and Food Preparations. They can also offer their menu for free. Check out the contact details below.

Healthy Options at The Detox Bar
Here are our healthy dishes after that healing yoga
So after that amazing healing yoga by Sir Nonie, Vegetable and Healthy Dishes were prepared and offered for all participants. Let me give you a tease of their healthy and sumptuous dishes!

Brown Rice at The Detox Bar
Brown Rice at The Detox Bar

Crispy Vegies at The Detox Bar
Crispy Vegies at The Detox Bar

Crispy Vegies at The Detox Bar
Potato Salad is such delish!

Buko Steak at The Detox Bar
One of my faves, the Buko Steak!

Address: 108 Paseo Aurora, Phase I, Ma. Luisa Estate Park, Cebu City
Facebook PM : @thedetoxbarcebu
Mobile: +63 998 589 3356, 09258187108, 09338764990
Tel. 2547864

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