Unbelievable! How This Pregnant Woman Continue To Exercise With Heavy Tummy?

Traditionally, if you found out it's "positive", people around you especially the old folks would advise you not to work hard or not to be stressed. In some factors they are correct but Doctors and most Obstetrician/Gynecologists would recommend a slow exercise to "Preggies" as preparation for their due date.  Pregnant woman needs more stamina especially during labor and delivery. Everybody knows this! But for a 30-year old lady who is currently 29 weeks-pregnant - she believes that this wonderful stage of her life is a challenging one and nothing can help her fulfill this dream except indulging herself into an exercise and of course, healthy diet.

Nym Dayday For Cebu Fitness Blog
Nym Dayday For Cebu Fitness Blog
Here's a preview of her Work-out exercises in the gym!

Cebu Fitness Blog is talking about Cebu Bloggers Society's Travel Blogger, Nym Wales J. Dayday who is managing Flip and Dip Blog together with her husband, Bryan. This interview will give you some revelations on how one should deal with pregnancy. Check out our Question and Answer portion below.

In between routine selfie with Nym Dayday
In between routine selfie with Nym Dayday

Cebu Fitness Blog (CFB): Favorite workout routine?
Nym: Boxing and Core exercises

CFB: Favorite Fitness Model (woman) and why?
Nym: Ina Raymundo. She’s currently 44 but her body makes her look like she’s just on her late 20s (ig: @inaraymundo95)

CFB: Favorite fitness motivation quotes?
Nym: “Wow, I really regret that workout”, said no one ever.

CFB: How old is your soon to be son?
Nym: Currently 28 weeks pregnant

CFB: What is the feeling?
Nym: Heavy!

Preggy Nym Dayday
Preggy Nym Dayday

CFB: Why do you choose to go on exercise?
Nym: I come from a family with a history of hypertension and I am trying to avoid having one as early as now. Exercise used to be a measure of prevention for me but I’ve become hooked

CFB: What are the benefits you encounter when exercising while you are pregnant?
Nym: It fights off pregnancy fatigue, and exercise, in general produces endorphin which is vital most especially for first time preggos like me who are feeling uncomfortable being this big.

CFB: Is it hard to perform those routines or exercises?
Nym: Exercising during the course of my pregnancy gets more challenging as I am nearing my due date. I made my own routine with the consent of my OB-GYN who is familiar with my health history prior to being pregnant.

CFB: As recommended by your trainer, what Exercises Are Safe during Pregnancy?
Nym: I had different routines per trimester. My doctor gave me a go signal to continue boxing til I was halfway during second trimester. I stopped boxing and quit exercising for two weeks so that my body will get accustomed to the added weight and lesser exercise routines. For my third trimester I use the:
1. elliptical training machine for 20 minutes
2. 6kg kettle bell squats
3. Back lunges
4. Bicep curls
5. Hammer curls
6. triceps arm extensions
7. wall push ups

Thrice a week, 2 sets, in 12-10 reps.

CFB: Is there a specific diet to observe?
Nym: Now that I am pregnant, I keep track of what I eat more than ever. People usually tell you to eat what you want because of your “cravings” but it causes diabetes and unnecessary weight gains most especially during last trimester-which, will result to pregnancy complications. All of which I am trying to prevent.

Nym and her hubby, Bryan during Valentines Day
Nym and her hubby, Bryan during Valentines Day

CFB: How much weight should a pregnant woman gain?
Nym: Doctor told me it should be between 25-35. I was 132 when I knew I was pregnant, I’m currently at 157. I gained 25 lbs on the span of 7 months.

CFB: At what stage should you stop exercising?
Nym: There is no exact “stage” in which you should stop exercising but you should ALWAYS listen to your body. My routine is not friendly for all. It might be too lax or too strenuous for some. If at any time, you feel uncomfortable, stop. Before doing exercises, regardless of body condition, consult your doctor FIRST.

CFB: What is your advice to pregnant women who want to stay fit while in the stage of pregnancy?
Nym: If you are used to doing exercises before your pregnancy, you can still do exercise but with lesser reps and variations AND with the consent of your doctor. Staying fit doesn’t fully comprise of exercise, you also have to commit to eating healthy food too.

You can follow Nym in her pregnancy journey via her instagram, @mynymisnym !

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