Mr. Phil-Asia International Junior Bodybuilding Champ Shares Holiday Diet

"Go hard or go home" a very common saying you heard from gym rats. Stace Phelps Cervantes loves this quote too! In the past year or two, he used to be a thin-looking model who competed to various pageants. Sometimes, he didn't get the shot to bring home the bacon. Then, he decided to go diet and train in a gym. Suprisingly, he bulked up and won some titles such as Mr. Phil-Asia International Junior Bodybuilding 2016 Champion, Hari ng Badian 2015, Ginoong Naga 2015, to name a few. As the cold air of December embraces everyone, Stace would love to share his secrets on a "Holiday Diet" which everybody can try while enjoying the Christmas season.

Cebu Fitness Motivation - Stace Cervantes

Here's an exclusive interview with one of Cebu's Young Model, Stace Phelps Cervantes who indeed got a strong physique which serves as an inspiration to everyone.

Cebu Fitness Blog (CFB): When did you start working out?
Stace: at the age of 18

CFB: What is your motivation why you started in this field?
Stace: My sister is excelling academically. I need to excel in something else and I want to live healthy lifestyle

CFB: In regards to weight training, can you give us an overview of a typical week?
Stace: I start my Monday with my priority muscle. For example, I do arms routine on Mondays. I normally train five times a week, one muscle group per session

CFB: How much and what type of Cardio do you do?
Stace: 30 minutes steady bike on a fasted state, Four times a week.

CFB: What are the contents of your fridge?
Stace: Chicken, fish, vegies and apple.

CFB: What is your favorite health food?
Stace: Steak.

CFB: Favourite cheat food?
Stace: Burgers.

CFB: What is your usual post-workout meal?
Stace: Protein shake and banana.

Mr. Phil-Asia International Junior Bodybuilding Champion - stace cervantes
Mr. Phil-Asia International Junior Bodybuilding Champion - Stace Cervantes

CFB: Who are your favourite athletes or fitness competitor and why?
Stace: Jeremy Buendia. Perfect symmetry, muscle size and definition.

CFB: Which part of your body serves as your best asset?  Why?
Stace: Delts and Lats. This gives me the V-taper look and hides my 35-inch waistline.

CFB: What 4 tips you can give to newbies who love to go to the gym and want to live a healthy life?
Stace: Look for someone you can trust and only listen to him. Never skip Monday. Do not ignore 3 days straight without workout. Don't rely on supplements, diet is the key.

CFB: What are your future plans?
Stace: Compete in World Championships on 2018 and Get a world title. I want to be the best junior bodybuilder

Mr. Phil-Asia International Junior Bodybuilding Champ
Before-After Photos of Stace. (Right) Latest pic during his Mr. Phil-Asia International Junior Bodybuilding Championship
And since it's Holiday season, we asked Mr. Phil-Asia International Junior Bodybuilding Champion in regards to his Christmas Diet.

CFB: May we know your Holiday diet secret? Why you choose it?
Stace: I do flexible calorie diet. So if there's a dinner celebration then I eat less during breakfast and lunch. At the end, I wont go on calorie surplus.

CFB: So during buffet which is very common especially on yuletide season, how do you do it?
Stace: Just make sure to go cardio the next morning so that you won't feel bloated. Another secret is to take Banaba Tea after meal. This contains natural diuretic. And avoid water retention.

CFB: How about black coffee for non-tea drinker? Does it work too?
Stace: Black coffee is a natural fat burner. Just make sure it's a pure black coffee. You can also take it as pre-workout drinks.

Stace is currently working as a Personal Trainer at Yokok's Gym Center from 6 AM to 12 Noon, everyday. Catch him and feel free to ask for personal inputs.

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