Pokemon Go Is Your New Fitness App

People of all ages, races and colors are already catching them all. Indeed, Pokemon Go Saga is still in the air! And stop the "Hate", let's see the good side. If you're a newbie Player then you might need to check on the basics or guide of playing Pokemon Go before you proceed on checking this special article. And for those Level 5 and above Players, good news is your Pokemon Go is your new Fitness partner app! Yes, you heard it right, how?

 (left) CFB Blogger, Mark Monta with his idol Machoke (Pokemon on the right)

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Here are Top Five points why Pokemon Go is your new fitness application

1. Physical Participation is required to visit PokeStops

As what you've heard, some couch potatoes are already enjoying the Pokemon Go experience outside of their homes. If you're fortunate to live in the City of Pokestops, then I think there's no need for you to walk and dropby in Pokestops. Walking is part of physical exercises. You may not know it but Walking can help strengthen the heart and lungs as it is a cardio-vascular exercise. Imagine if you're walking from one Pokestop to another, then how much calories are you gonna burn plus gaining some poke balls and some items? A lot!

2. Take the Battle at Pokemon Gyms

Actually, same with PokeStops, you need to go nearer to the Pokemon Gyms to join or participate on a Pokemon Battle. This will also need your physical activity. Walking with cautions is required.

3. Pokemon Eggs-hatching is the new Cardio

This is the exciting part. Pokemon Go has eggs hatching activity. Eggs are divided into three groups namely 2km, 5km and 10km eggs. Depending on their distance description, different kind of Pokemons will come out from those eggs. More powerful or big Combat Power Pokemons will surely come out from 10km eggs while lower-level Pokemons come frm 2 and 5km eggs. So, how to hatch these Pokemon eggs? You need to walk on a certain distance that fits your egg's description. Simply walk 2km to hatch that 2km eggs, 5km for 5km eggs and 10km for 10km eggs. Now, go and hunt some Pokemons while hatching your eggs!

4. Get the Jogger Medal!

Yes! Pokemon Go awards you some medals and one of the most "fitnesspired" medals is the Jogger medal. Whn you click on the avatar on the lower left of your Pokemon Go app, you can see the very first medal named Jogger. Click on it and see how far you have walked from a 100KM distance. Keep on walking while hunting Pokemons!

5. Get the Backpacker Medal!

Aha! While you are visiting a number of PokeStops, you can track how many of them you have already visited by checking on the Backpacker Medal. Once you reached 1,000 PokeStops then you can surely get this BackPacker Medal in no time. Just keep walking, do this simple exercise, visit those PokeStops and get the backpacker medal!

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