IRONMAN 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship 2016 Results

On August 7, 2016 Cebu hosted the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship in three progressive Cities of Mandaue, Cebu City and the historic city of Lapu-Lapu. Tim Reed (Pro Men) and Caroline Steffen (Pro Women) won the Asia-Pacific Championship here in Cebu.

Here's the list of winners:

Top 5 Pro Men
1Tim ReedAUS0:24:212:03:231:20:023:51:46
2Craig AlexanderAUS0:24:142:03:381:23:103:55:01
3Sam BettenAUS0:23:582:03:331:25:213:57:15
4Braden Currie NZL0:24:102:09:161:21:243:58:42
5Antony CostesFRA0:24:152:03:291:28:234:00:08
Top 5 Pro Women
1Caroline SteffenCHE0:26:522:19:041:26:044:16:19
2Radka VodickovaCZE0:25:512:20:071:28:094:18:29
3Sarah CrowleyAUS0:28:45 2:22:49 1:25:49 4:21:53 
4Judith Corachan VaqueraESP0:26:44 2:22:04 1:37:24 4:31:12 
5Dimity-Lee DukeAUS0:29:38 2:24:34 1:33:59 4:33:30 
For other Athletes, you can search their names, just click the link below.

08-7-2016 Results: IRONMAN 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship Results.

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