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Top 10 LaBoracay Babes on Instagram

Earlier, we posted an article featuring the hot Hunks of #Laboracay2016. This time, we are giving a page to our dearest Sexy Babes who did a very good job in maintaining their curves months before the party week in Boracay! It is known for Ladies that it's very hard to lose belly fats. Hitting cardio everyday during Workout is exhausting but with proper diet, a strong and sexy body will be obtained. But of course, for diet means never starve to lose weight - eat right and eat less carbs.

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Now, here are our sexy Ladies who flaunted their adorable Bodies in Laboracay last weekend!

1. @divinemlee - Blogger Divine is very "Divine" and adorable!

A photo posted by Divine Lee (@divinemlee) on

2. @143van - She's gorgeous!!! Lovely!

A photo posted by @143van on

3. @vjlovelle - Her name is Lovelitah and she got the lovely body!

A photo posted by Lovelitah (@vjlovelle) on

4. @jessssicasantos - Oh Jessica! The body is to die for!

A photo posted by Jessica Santos (@jessssicasantos) on

5. @nancyleonard1991 - Nancy said she is sunkissed! Oh! Oh! Oh!

A photo posted by Nancy Leonard (@nancyleonard1991) on

6. @mikarti - such cutie and sexy!!

A photo posted by @mikarti on

7. @_cjyoung - Oh! Those Curves are adorbs!!!

A photo posted by CJ Young (@_cjyoung_) on

8. @joycearanilla - Hikari is a chic in the sand.

A photo posted by HIKARI JOYCE FULGHAM (@joycearanilla) on

9. @k.t.e.a - who would love to play Volleyball? Let's?!

A photo posted by KT (@k.t.e.a) on

10. @vinaguerrero - Oh my Vina! You're such!!!! Oh La la!

A photo posted by Vina Guerrero (@vinaguerrero) on

You are welcome buddies!!!

Top 10 LaBoracay Hunks on Instagram

In the Philippines, May 1 is widely known as Labor Day. And instead of Workers protests and other street activities, some laborers chose to stay positive and celebrate the Holiday in the beautiful island of Boracay. Thus Laboracay was born. It is a summer party celebration in Boracay. Famous artists both local and foreign often visit Boracay during this time. It is marked by intense partying by the beach, lots of booze and good music. (src:

Hunks of Laboracay 2016. (C) to the owners

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It is also known that people who planned to attend this party were already preparing themselves months before the big day. As they say, the struggle is real. Strict diet and extreme exercises were their keys to obtain their hunky bodies for Laboracay. Six packs, mass shoulders and well-built upper extremity were the uniforms of Hunks in Boracay. In this special article, we are giving the highlights to our LaBoracay Hunks who deserve a space in this blog.

1. @culverpadilla - He was your Lifeguard!

*** Honorable Mention : @aresmeris - He's another hunk to save you from drowning!

2. @kenhanaoka - Naaah! Just flexing before going for a swim...
A photo posted by Ken Hanaoka (@kenhanaoka) on

3. @daviguison - This Fashion Blogger just wanted to get tan!
A photo posted by David Guison (@davidguison) on

4. @thejayperz___ - Is this your squadgoals for Laboracay? MJ Perez said yes!
A photo posted by MJ PerΓ©z (@thejayperz___) on

5. @guerrerofamoso - This Cebuano Yogi just wanted to be wet!
A photo posted by Famoso Guerrero (@guerrerofamoso) on

6. @denbrillante - Because this is Summer vacation! Just chill!
A photo posted by Dennis Brillante (@denbrillante) on

7. @blckmmba55 - Yes said Elmer! This is Boracay dude!

8. @kiddomanz11 - Here's another squadgoals for Laborcay!

9. @xsgarcia - Yes! This is how you do it!

10. @nikekulasss - Coz Laboracay is all about party and squalgoals! Check Nike and buddies! You are welcome!
A photo posted by Nike Sandoval (@nikekulasss) on

You are welcome!!!

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