Top 10 LaBoracay Babes on Instagram

Earlier, we posted an article featuring the hot Hunks of #Laboracay2016. This time, we are giving a page to our dearest Sexy Babes who did a very good job in maintaining their curves months before the party week in Boracay! It is known for Ladies that it's very hard to lose belly fats. Hitting cardio everyday during Workout is exhausting but with proper diet, a strong and sexy body will be obtained. But of course, for diet means never starve to lose weight - eat right and eat less carbs.

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Now, here are our sexy Ladies who flaunted their adorable Bodies in Laboracay last weekend!

1. @divinemlee - Blogger Divine is very "Divine" and adorable!

A photo posted by Divine Lee (@divinemlee) on

2. @143van - She's gorgeous!!! Lovely!

A photo posted by @143van on

3. @vjlovelle - Her name is Lovelitah and she got the lovely body!

A photo posted by Lovelitah (@vjlovelle) on

4. @jessssicasantos - Oh Jessica! The body is to die for!

A photo posted by Jessica Santos (@jessssicasantos) on

5. @nancyleonard1991 - Nancy said she is sunkissed! Oh! Oh! Oh!

A photo posted by Nancy Leonard (@nancyleonard1991) on

6. @mikarti - such cutie and sexy!!

A photo posted by @mikarti on

7. @_cjyoung - Oh! Those Curves are adorbs!!!

A photo posted by CJ Young (@_cjyoung_) on

8. @joycearanilla - Hikari is a chic in the sand.

A photo posted by HIKARI JOYCE FULGHAM (@joycearanilla) on

9. @k.t.e.a - who would love to play Volleyball? Let's?!

A photo posted by KT (@k.t.e.a) on

10. @vinaguerrero - Oh my Vina! You're such!!!! Oh La la!

A photo posted by Vina Guerrero (@vinaguerrero) on

You are welcome buddies!!!

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