Exercise Not Just For Summer, Do it Daily

Most of the time, people activate their healthy lifestyle just months before Summer Season and I bet we all know why! Summer comes time for beach getaways or any other beach activities and we all wanna look good wearing our beach attires. Is this right? Definitely not! Being fit means dedication and you have the passion to do your craft. We adore those people who keep on going to the gym or follow their daily exercise routines even though they see less progress outside or physically. This only means there is development internally and soon, they can improve their external shape. If you see abs or muscles from your gym mates and you believe that those are signs of progress, then you need to know more. Being healthy is more than muscles, it should come from the inside.

photos from Joy Dioso and Michael Dy. Collage by CebuFitnessBlog

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According to, "Being physically healthy and fit involves not only how you look, but also how you feel and your overall health. Some of the measures of physical health and fitness are hidden, showing up in blood tests that measure your cholesterol and blood pressure. However, when you implement measures to improve these health indicators, your physical shape will probably improve as well." This is definitely right! Being fit and healthy shouldn’t be good for just a month or two - for Summer only? Deym! It's a journey dude! In order to get that physique we wish to aspire, we need to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat the right foods and drink the right liquids plus at least an hour of exercise (4-5 times a week), you should then be good to go!

Joy Dioso was featured here as Fitness Chic. She's into Yoga , Dance Classes and Mermaiding. Check her here.

So don’t feel sorry if you couldn’t see that six pack abs in your tummy or those bulky shoulders, biceps or triceps you’ve been working hard to acquire – those are just physical results, know that there’s so much more than it. Go see your doctor to check on the real results of your dieting and
exercise. Being healthy and fit indeed shouldn’t just reflect on how we look physically but also on how we feel – our overall health. Let’s stay healthy and fit fellas!!!

FITspiration Quote. Photo not ours.

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