Couple Workout For Valentine's Day Is Sweeter Than Traditional Stuff

Forget those conventional stuff during Valentine's Day! Chocolates, Flowers or Movie/Dinner Date in a pricey Restaurant? Naah, Bring your partner to the gym or any workout/fitness center for a memorable Valentine's Day that she will never forget! So, gladly prepared a list of exercises that couples can follow and gain some romantic sweat together. Remember, "the couple who trains together, stays together"

Couple in workout. Photo by musclessandfitness

INSTRUCTIONS (for more details, check this post) :

Perform every exercise AMRAP (as many reps as possible for 30 seconds max effort with one minute rest. If you can perform it faster than the minute rest; you didn't go full out.

couples working out. photo by

1. DB lateral raise

photo by

2. Cable woodchops

photo by  leanitup

3. Military press

photo by basketballhq

4. Rapid fire punches - cross jabs

photo by womenshealthmag

* Repeat the circuit twice

1. Push-ups with unilateral hand tap

photo by gethealthyyu

2. Hanging leg raise and weighted low abdominal crunch

photo by gymflow100
3. Forward lunges with kettle bells and kettlebell swing

photo by greatist

4. DB front squat

photo by womenshealthmag

* Repeat circuit twice

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