Lower Abs? Lower Your Carbs!

Most fitness enthusiasts are so particular with their lower abdominal part. Some exerted more effort in the gym and wishing to see some improvements after weeks and aim to get a lean body. But despite of those determinations, most of us failed to acknowledge the power of proper diet and proper executions of exercises. In the past few days, I got hooked up with some business and office works, thus I was not able to maintain my weekly routine in the gym and cardio using my very own running shoes purchased from Zalora. But if you experience the same and worry much about your lower abs? Then possible thing to do is to lower your carbs!

ABOVE: During last month when I don't have absences in the gym for my workout routine.

Yes, in this digital world, a lot of stuff we can use to aim that lower abs! If you are having that hectic schedule and don't know what to eat? Then you can use some Android or Apple applications in tracking Carbs intake. You can use Atkins Carb Tracker App or any applications which you think suffice your needs. In this way, you can trace and measure your carbs intake within a day and you can also determine how much exercises do you need to lose those intakes.

Above: Taking a selfie in the gym while resting for a while between those BICEPS routine

In this BER-months, there's always a possibility to bulge out due to unlimited drinks and foods in the table but when you have some tracker or any means of checking out your Carbs intake, then that would be helpful for you to obtain that lean body and of course, that sexy lower abs!

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