Yoga for Healthy and Desirable Body, Needs Determination, Discipline and Patience.

Who's excited for Summer? Everybody does! But what keeps us from hiding our bodies with those shirts and shorts? Chubbiness problem? Worry no more, as our first ever Fitness Chic, Miss Joy Dioso shares some tips and ideas on how Yoga help her attain sexy physique and help her face her daily physical routine and tasks with ease. Not everybody has the determination to do Yoga. As we know, majority will go to the gym for workout or keep themselves busy with Cardio routine like jogging or running on weekends. But did you know Yoga can also loss weight and help you gain the confidence and sexiness inside and out?
Joy Dioso in Mermaid suit during her Mermaid and Yoga session with friends
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"I considered myself a health enthusiast.I frequent gym, attended hip-hop, enrolled in Pilates and tried various health related enhancement classes.They have been all enjoyable and beneficial. But among all the classes I attended, I've been hooked to Yoga.It is something where I belong.I'm in love with it. " Miss Joy started the conversation with CebuFitnessBlog Author.

Joy with friends

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. It is a derivation of the word yuj, which means yoking, as in a team of oxen. In contemporary practice, this is often interpreted as meaning union. Yoga is said to be for the purpose of uniting the mind, body, and spirit. [] Joy added, "Yoga has been practiced for more than 5000 years.According to studies it helps people with osteoporosis.Aside from the medical benefit choosing Yoga offers the greatest health benefits by enabling me to develop my flexibility,strength and balance."

In addition, Yoga will teach individual techniques and developments like relaxation and patience most especially in dealing some undesirable circumstances in life - Be Calm and do yoga! But starting Yoga isn't really a piece of cake , it isn't easy indeed! Even this sexy chic admitted that it was very difficult when she started Yoga.

"I do not know yet how my body will handle it and what's my capability to do all the asana (Yoga Poses).In my first month,I can't even reach my shinbone and I can't hold on long and can't do a solid asana(I was shaky). Going to Yoga classes frequently;Practice,practice and practice made me overcome it.It's always helpful also when you got friends doing the same thing.They are your support system,pushing each other and encouraging you to your best" Joy confessed. "As time pass by I'm amazed how my body.There's a lot of of improvement in my yoga poses(I can do difficult poses) and I'm amazed that I am more flexible than I expect." She added.

But with Yoga, do we need special food diet? The answer is yes!

"At first,I don't mind all the diet thing but when I realized I was so heavy that I can't lift my body so I started to be more aware of what I'm eating. I don't do crash dieting neither starving myself.I do little portions in everything I eat.When it's my cheat day I have to sweat out the extra calories the next days by doing Yoga. " Joy shared her secrets.

She even told CFB to drink water with lemon, mint and cucumber as body detoxification every first thing in the morning. And during lunch, fresh fruit shakes like watermelon,lettuce,cabbage and banana are also recommended for weight control but make sure they are fresh fruits and not the powder and artificial types.

Joy stressed an important point, that we cannot achieve a healthy desirable body (she didn't mention sexy body) without working hard. "Discipline is the key, Determination is your Push, Patience is your stronghold" She added. Indeed, Greatness does not come in an instant.

Soon you'll take off those shirts and shorts - plunge yourself with Bikinis, two piece or swimming trunks! Have a blast!

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