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Intermittent Fasting or Keto Diet, Which is the best?

I promised to do CFB blog hiatus for 5 months but thanks to these two famous diet that trended online, I broke my promise! I was asked by a friend why not choose Intermittent Fasting or Keto Diet to really lose some weight? I was then teased that I've been working out for years but there's no outcome?! Again, my real goal for fitness is not just about abs and muscles, in my 31 years of age, it is now more on health and fitness - internally and more on externally. For me, why should you now follow either of the said diet? Check this out!

Working out. Pic by
According to Catherine Orda of, This is what happens to your body during intermittent fasting:

Starts with the Liver : What’s happening here is that rather than using up the little glycogen you have left in order to synthesize energy for your body and brain, you’re burning stored fat instead—so you are literally burning fat to survive.

Then to the Brain : Once you’re in that process of burning stored fat, what happens next is you release chemicals called ketones. These chemicals help build and strengthen neurons and neural connections in areas of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Intermittent fasting (or periodically restricting calories) signals the brain to create protective proteins that strengthens its connections, thus improving cognitive function and promoting the growth of new brain cells.

Then to your Belly : When you have low glycogen levels, your body has no choice but to burn stored fat in order to synthesize energy. The good news is that the fat being burned includes stubborn belly fat.

Then to the Muscles : Shedding pounds leads to the loss of fat tissue and muscle, but intermittent fasting can ramp up fat burning so that you lose more fat and less muscle.

Then to your Heart : Nonetheless, it’s been found that intermittent fasting positively affects the way you metabolize cholesterol and sugar such that levels of bad cholesterol can be decreased by up to 32 percent and triglycerides by up to 42 percent. This can reduce your risk of gaining weight and developing diabetes, which are both risk factors for heart disease.

And here are some side effects of Ketogenic Diet according to

Loss of salts 
Keto-flu : During that time, and especially at the end of the first week, it is likely that you may feel some symptoms that are similar to the flu, such as:

  • Brain fog / slow thinking
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Racing heart rate when lying down
  • Insomnia
  • Cravings

Changes in bowel habits : Drink plenty of water and consider increasing your consumption of non-starchy, fibrous vegetable, legumes, nuts and seeds, as these are all good low-carbohydrate sources of fibre.

Leg cramps : One of the causes of leg cramps on a ketogenic diet is a condition called hyponatremia, which occurs when the level of sodium (salt) in the blood is too low.

Bad breath : Ketones can be released in the breath, as well as in the urine and sweat. Acetone is a form of ketone that when released on the breath may lead to a metallic taste in the mouth or a less-than-pleasant smelling breath.

Loss of energy : One of the biggest misconceptions about ketogenic diets is that a lack of glucose depletes the body of energy.

Maintaining steady energy levels is actually more challenging on a standard diet as it varies according to fluctuations in blood sugar, which is dependent upon the insulin response to carbohydrate intake.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

40-Year Old Bachelor Determines To Live Healthy While Working At Fast-food Chain

Working in a famous fast-food chain as a high-ranking employee is indeed a stressful yet fulfilling job. But this won't stop a 40-year old Bachelor who is living a healthy lifestyle for 4 years already. Despite a hectic schedule, Nelson Judaya always gives time to go to the gym and sweat it out. Together with his mother, they get a one of a kind bonding while getting fit together.
Nelson Judaya from 226lbs to 170 lbs
Nelson Judaya from 226lbs to 170 lbs
Nelson is a Regional Marketing Manager of a big fast-food company in the Philippines. A lot of meetings are thrown every week, sometimes every day. He drives to different locations when there's a need to visit a branch. This is how occupied his schedule is. But his determination to work hard in his job is as equal as working hard to be fit and healthy. Remembering his foundation of why he started this endeavor, "It took so much determination and focus. Thus, I scheduled a vacation leave for 7 days with only one goal... to go to the gym and lose weight. I started at 6am and end at about 10am.  I did all the daily program. It was so painful and tiresome making me sleep and rest the remaining hours of the day." Nelson said. "For me, that one week was the foundation for creating my fitness habit. It was that 7 days of exercise that created a pivotal routine of really getting to where I am now, from a body weight of 226 lbs to 170 lbs losing a total of 56 lbs," he added.

Before and after pics of Nelson Judaya and his mother
Before and after pics of Nelson Judaya and his mother
Here's an exclusive Question and Answer from our first featured Gym Buff for this year 2018.

CFB: What is your motivation why you started in this field?

What keeps me doing what I'm doing is the conscious decision to never stop until I'm proud... I am yet to have 6 pack abs and there's no stopping even after that moment comes. Working out should be part of everyone's lifestyle that's why I'm making it part of the regular things I do daily.

CFB: In regards to weight training, can you give us an overview of a typical week?

On weight training, it's basically two to three times a week. I perform the basic and simple routines since I really don’t want to be so muscular. I just want to look lean.

Before and After pic of Nelson Judaya
Before and After pic of Nelson Judaya

CFB:  How much and what types of Cardio do you do?

I have cardio every day. It’s generally intense cardio of 10 – 20 minutes and about 25 – 45 minutes of low intensity, I also make sure I don’t overdo it.

CFB:  What are the contents of your fridge?

It’s just the regular content of most people. It has vegetables, fruits, yogurt and some mix of red and white meat (pork, poultry, fish, and Beef).

CFB:  What is your favorite health food? Favourite cheat food?

Favorite Health foods are fruits, green salad, all types of nuts and raisins. Favorite cheat food is any sweets be it cake, ice cream or doughnuts.

Nelson Judaya selfie in his workout
Nelson Judaya selfie in his workout
CFB:  What is your usual post-workout meal?

It’s a full meal consisting of green salad, rice, meat, and desserts. Usually, it’s a full meal during breakfast since I go to the gym in the morning, normally at 6am.

CFB:  Who are your favorite athletes or fitness competitor and why?

Michael Fred Phelps II, I’ve always loved the water and It’s my dream to be a real swimmer.

CFB:  Which part of your body serves as your best asset? Why?

My shoulders, I guess its naturally broad and I think it makes me look more fit.

Nelson Judaya selfie in his workout
Nelson Judaya selfie in his workout
CFB:  What 4 tips you can give to newbies who love to go to the gym and want to live a healthy life?

4 tips that worked for me and may benefit you, can be summarized into FITS:

FITNESS schedule should be treated compulsory – it should be an obligation, similar to being at the office by 8 am, no IF’s no BUT’s. It’s a must!

INSTILL a habit of sticking to your meal plan. Losing weight is more than just exercise. The real challenge is what you put in your mouth when you are hungry. You have to be mindful of the calorie intake. Sometimes, you are not really hungry but you are just craving for something to eat try to be conscious about it and eliminate the "just craving" part.

TAKE a record of your progress. You may monitor your weight by writing your numbers on a paper, display it in your room. List the calories you burned in your cardio exercise and make sure you beat it the next time. Remember… if you don’t know where you are, it doesn’t matter where you are going. Don't trust your memory it's different when you really see it. You may even graph it to see your pattern.

STAY committed… keep a nothing-can-stop-me-from-exercising attitude. Keep moving forward and learn to enjoy what you are doing so that it won’t feel like you’re just working out. At most times it's the mindset that makes you do what you do... decide to exercise, no excuses.

Nelson Judaya in Paris
Nelson Judaya in Paris
CFB:  What are your future plans? 

Train to be a marathoner and soon a triathlete.

CFB:  What is your favorite fitness quote?

Don’t stop until you are proud... keep moving forward.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cebu McDonald’s Stripes Run 201

Whether you have little ones or just want to share the happiness of running with the people that matter the most, the annual McDonald’s Stripes Run is the ultimate family bonding experience.  More than just a day of active lifestyle and fun, you are also able to help grades 1 and 2 public school children learn how to read. Now, are you excited for Cebu version on November 25?

McDonald's Stripes Run For Cebu
McDonald's Stripes Run For Cebu

Now on its 8th year, the highly anticipated run returns to Cebu City and will be held on November 25, 2017 at Garden Bloc, Cebu IT Park.

Proceeds will be used to help public school children learn to read through the Ronald McDonald House Charity’s (RMHC) Read to Learn program.
To date, Ronald McDonald Read To Learn has reached over 8,000 partner schools, trained 28,000 educators, and helped close to 12 million students all over the Philippines. This initiative, in partnership with the Department of Education, aims to raise the literacy level among Grade 1 and 2 public school students.

Register yourself and your family for the McDonald’s Stripes Run from October 13 to November 23. Registration is simple with these three options:

1. Fill out the registration form and pay at select McDonald’s stores.
2. Download the form on, and settle the registration fee at select McDonald’s stores.
3. Register and pay online at

Each registrant will receive a race kit, which includes a pair of the iconic red and white striped socks, a singlet, a race bib, and a stub for a free McDonald’s breakfast meal at the venue.

This year’s fun run opens 7 categories including the 5K Squad Stripes, the newest division that’s perfect for the whole gang. Categories for this year’s run are as follows:

Exciting game booths and activities await the entire family and barkada at McDonald’s Stripes Run 2017 in Cebu. Sign-up today and tell your family and friends all about it! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #McDoStripesRun and tag @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram. For more information and to view the list of McDo stores you can register in, visit or follow McDonald’s Philippines’ Facebook page,

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

HEALTH TIPS : How to remain fit during Christmas Season?

Yes, friends, I'm back! And guess what? I've been into (Sweet Potato) Camote Diet for two months and I'm excited to share with you the outcome soon! As you know, Christmas is just around the corner but this doesn't mean that we should stop taking good care of our health. Want to know my secrets every during Yuletide Season?

Cebu Fitness Blogger, Mark Monta at Solea Mactan Resort Cebu
Cebu Fitness Blogger, Mark Monta at Solea Mactan Resort Cebu.
Follow him on

I remember it was last 2013 when I posted Top 7 Holiday Fitness Tips For Christmas on this blog. And believe me, it works! So, let me highlight these tips with some add-ons! Check this out!

1. Regular Workout Schedule - During this season, everybody is busy with different kind of errands and activities. Sometimes, we forgot that we are human that sometimes, we need rest. But this is not an excuse that we will be forgetting to carry over our Workout schedules. It is very important to maintain regular exercise habit. If in normal days, you go for a jog every early morning, then do the same. Take note, Christmas seasons bring a lot of food on the table. This means we need to burn a lot! Chap chap!

2. Eat Meal before Christmas Party - Am I sure about this? Very sure indeed! Why? Imagine, if you prepare your own meal at home - healthy meal - then you would tend to eat less during Christmas Party. And mind you, a lot of unhealthy stuff is being prepared for Christmas Party. If you are half full before the event, then you can avoid eating those Lechons and other oily/fatty foods at the table.

Vegetable Salad at Solea Mactan Cebu Resort
Vegetable Salad at Solea Mactan Cebu Resort

3. Pick Healthy Foods at the Buffet Table. But if you happen to be busy and was not able to get good eat, here's a quick reminder during Buffet time. Pick salad first, drink a lot of water or healthy juice, then pick healthy meat such as chicken breast, beef or steak. As much as you can, avoid eating sweets. Take note, it is the sugar that gives you fatty love handles and saggy bellies.  After such, don't forget to take black coffee or tea so that digestion will normally process inside your tummy.

Christmas Party Games!
Christmas Party Games!

4. Keep the focus on Christmas Fun, not Food! There's always fun in every Christmas gathering. There are physical activities, games and other affairs. How about we should focus on these side of a Christmas party? Yes, join as many games as possible. In return, you burn some calories and the same time you're enjoying the event. Move more! Dance and Participate!

Drink water!
Drink water!

5. Drink a lot of water. Water has been very useful in everybody's diet. Keep dehydrated and drink more water, thus you might consume less food.

6. Get a good sleep. Of course, you'll be exhausted after a party but as much as your mind needs this (sleep), your muscles need rest too. Now, stop reading and go to bed Gym Rats!

Happy Holiday 
from Cebu Fitness Blog
Enjoy Christmas Season!

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Run to Give Fun Run, Run to Help!

Cebu's most hospitable Hotel, Cebu City Marriott Hotel is hosting its first ever fun run. Dubbed as Run To Give 2017, this fun run which is set to be held on September 23 at Cebu Business Park, aims to help a non-profit organization, Rise Above Foundation. This activity is inline with the hotel's global wellness campaign called Take Care.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel Run To Give 2017
Cebu City Marriott Hotel Run To Give 2017
"Run to Give 2017 is a fun activity initiated by Marriot International. This is to promote the Take Care Program which aims to help local charities," said Joe Fijardo of Cebu City Marriott Hotel in a press conference last Friday. "This is not just a local initiative, Cebu City Marriott is part of the Asia Pacific and we are all taking part of the regional initiative. We hope to raise as much funds to our chosen beneficiary through this activity," said Frances Alfafara, Director of Marketing of Cebu City Marriott Hotel. Source: Philstar

Cebu City Marriott Hotel Run To Give 2017
Cebu City Marriott Hotel Run To Give 2017

Race Categories (inclusive of race shirts, race bibs, post-race refreshments and finisher's certificate): All finishers will get certificates. Top Three finishers will get a special awards/prizes.
10K for PHP 550 net
5K for PHP 450 net
3K for PHP 350 net

Excitingly, there will a raffle draw during the awards rights. Zumba party and other programs are in place. Registration is still ongoing at the lobby of Cebu City Marriot Hotel and RUNNR in Ayala Center Cebu or in online,

Cebu City Marriott Hotel Run To Give 2017
CBS Bloggers during the presscon of  Cebu City Marriott Hotel Run To Give 2017
About the Beneficiary:
Rise Above Foundation
Facebook: @riseabovecebu
Call +63 32 255 1063

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