Thursday, February 13, 2014

Michael Christian Martinez Sochi Winter Olympics Performance (Video and PHOTOS)

Michael Christian Martinez is trending all Social Media websites and not just that, this Lone Philippines Representative in 2014 Sochi Winter Omympics is taking the show in a HOT Snow! Yes, that Hot performance of Michael Christian Martinez gives Filipinos hope and of course, he just advanced to the Top 24 of the Sochi Games. He garnered a score of 64.81 and will compete for the finals on Friday!!!

Now, check this Michael's performance and photos after jump.

Michael Christian Martinez Sochi Winter Omympics Performance Video

PHOTOS: Michael Christian Martinez Sochi Winter Omympics Performance (Credit,

Here are some comments which Filipinos must be proud of:

“very charismatic and very flexible skater.”

“a great performance from such a young man.”

“is history in the making, the first for the Philippines.”

“What a debut for the Philippines,”

“That was fantastic and a wonderful performance. I honestly didn’t think it will be that good.”


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