LaborUnion Hunks and Babes of 2018

Boracay is closed! Laboracay Hunks and Sexy Babes listing is postponed till next year. But our Gym Bros and Goal-achiever Ladies have spent a lot of their time to reach their body goals. So this year, we are giving to you a special list of Hunks and Babes who attended the trending #LaborUnion at La Union last May 1. Kudos bros and sisters!

LaborUnion Hunks and Babes of 2018
LaborUnion Hunks and Babes of 2018

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Every year, we feature Philippines Hunks and Babes of Laboracay to acknowledge their struggles in maintaining their adorable bodies. This year, we are excited to continue in highlighting our Gym Idols but this time from La Union! There are two ways on how to be featured, here's how!

1. Send a message to our Cebu Fitness Blog facebook page with following details.

Full Name
Instagram Account/Handle
Featured Pic (from instagram post)

2. Since we are monitoring the hashtags #LaborUnion2018 and #LaborUnion, please do not forget to put that in your instagram posts.

Be advised that we list down the top 10 not based on the number of likes but we are basing on the total package or impact of the photo.  If you are fit, you might get it! If you wish to recommend someone, do not forget to send us a message at our official facebook page.

TOP 10 LaborUnion Hunks of 2018

10. Oliver Samonte : Oh wait, you got legs?

A post shared by Oliver Samonte (@oliberong0718) on

9. John : Now, who loves the sun?

A post shared by John, CPA (@_johngnzlz) on

8. Jan Conadera : Can you tell us which one is the rock? Hard bruh!

7. Jared Omar : Waves and Curves , body goals!

6. Ram Padilla : What do you think was jailed? Kudos Ram!

5. Jud Labarda : Sorry, Hulk who? It's Jud!

4. Israel Pangilinan : the Abs goals!

3. John Maunes : Caption goals and body goals! Kudos John!

2. Matteo Corpuz : Mister Pageant was there! Lean and clean! Keep it up Matt!

1. Jeff Alagar : Now, who can defeat Jeff at the top? This Fitness Blogger is the real fitness goals in this year's #laborunion!

Before we proceed with our LaborUnion Sexy Babes, can you follow the Blogger on instagram?

TOP 10 LaborUnion Babes of 2018

10. Nichole : Wow Nichole! Love the pose!

9. Majo Santos : She got curve!

A post shared by Majo Santos (@majojojoooo) on

8. Chrisan : She proves that sexiness is not just about swimsuit! Kudos Chrisan!

7. Zarah Mae : One sexy piece in La Union!

6. Jessica Santos : Hey there Goddess!!!

5. Zae Rivera : What? Coke and that body? *faint*

A post shared by Zae Rivera (@heyzaee) on

4. Kyle Kirstine : Now, that's a pose! 

A post shared by KYLE KIRSTINE πŸ‘‘ (@itskimgonzaga) on

3. Gela De Guzman : I wanna have fun too?!

2. Erica : All curves are here. Beauty!!!

A post shared by erica❤ (@ericadelosreyess) on 

1. Ana Louise : Wait, what? There's an Angel in Labor Union last May 1? Hello there sexy! Beauty and Body goals!

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