Top 5 Tips : How To Burn Post Holiday Fats?

Guilt! This is what I was feeling when I indulged myself to every menu and food served in our table during the Christmas and Holiday season. But I did not feel sorry to myself. In fact, I am more determined to lose these gained fats with my own exercises and activities which can surely be followed and executed even at home.

So, are you excited to know how to burn those celebratory calories? I've been doing research before writing this article. I clicked on my favorite Reader's Digest and WebMD sites and put all needed info into one. Now check this out!

1. Drink More Water

Water has been very useful in everybody's diet. Keep dehydrated and drink more water, thus you might consume less food. Also, a lot of cravings are felt during the Holiday Season but sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. So I believe next time you get hungry, try to grab a glass of water first and then you'll realize you just need liquid than solid.

2. Shop Till You Drop

You might find this funny but when I read this in WebMD, I really think this is helpful. Shopping from one Store to another really takes a lot of effort and I even see myself in sweat standing and walking from stall to stall. This means calorie burn, right? A little step for a bigger goal!

Enjoy shopping my friends!

3. Walk and Set a Daily Exercise Routine

Walking has always been our easiest and probably the effective way of losing weights. Walking to the nearest store to buy something. Walking to the gym from home. Walking with your dog around the community during Holidays. Just do walk if you can. If you keep up a moderate walking pace, expect to burn 250-300 calories hourly.

Of course, Daily Exercise! I personally recommend Jumping Jack. Buy a jumping rope and get yourself jumping at home with it.  Per WebMD research, Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. "It's certainly good for the heart," says Peter Schulman, MD, associate professor, Cardiology/Pulmonary Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington. "It strengthens the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time, but other considerations will determine if it's appropriate for an individual."

4. More Protein Eats!

I read a story about eating more protein means less hungry next meal. Also, protein helps build muscles and fewer fats. So go for protein diets such as chicken, peanuts, low-fat soy drinks, and oatmeal.

5. Less Soda, Easy on Alcohol

According to RD, "Soft drinks are a major source of empty calories in the American diet." which means we drink a lot of soft drinks but they won't satisfy our appetite. In addition, go easy with Alcoholic drinks as they got a lot of calories. Say, for example, a 12-ounce beer has 150 calories and how much more for a margarita which has a bigger calorie punch. Generally, if you crave for some liquid, always grab water or any juices - they are a better alternative.

Enjoy the remaining days of Holiday my friends but don't forget to take it slow!

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