These Activities Can Burn Fats,Try Them In Danasan Eco Adventure Park!

When it comes to traveling, we always check out some beautiful beaches or maybe just chill with booze and nachos on the poolside. But later we realized this will just add to another problem which is getting other lbs for a week or two which leads us to double time on our exercise and gym routines. But if you wish to find a vacation with adventure and at the same time burn some fats and loss weight? You should try visiting Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Danao Cebu!

Sometimes people love to find and try their limitations when it comes to adventures. And together with my blogger friend,, we were able to conquer our fears of heights, having a great time and fun and of course, burn those fats! So what are those adrenaline rush activities that I recommend for burning those calories while enjoying at the same time? Check out my list!

1. Zipline

Aside from the fact that this activity helps release stress, when you spend the day zip lining you’ll lower your blood pressure and burn plenty of calories, all while having the time of your life! (healthfitnessrevolution) And of course, fresh air is another add-ons!

2. Sky Bike

You definitely know how biking can burn calories. In Danasan Eco Park, you can try it above the sky in a roundtrip ride. So, if you wish to burn more calories, just go to the cashier and get another ticket for this amazing ride!

3. Speedway

Do you know karting can burn 358 per half hour? Yes! According to, Karting has a number of health benefits including an increased heart rate, strength building, improvements in reflexes and reaction time, and burning off calories to help aid weight loss. The research found that the group burned an average of 358 calories per half hour while karting – almost 40% more than calories burnt through jogging.

4. ATV

All Terrain Vehicle or ATV is my favorite ride I did last weekend in Danasan Eco Park. And according to, Sitting is generally frowned upon in the fitness world, but there's an exception to every rule, especially where the rugged terrain is concerned. Sitting on an ATV or a side-by-side as you ride over rocky embankments and through low-water crossings requires core strength and control, as well as mental focus, all of which tax your system and ramp up the calorie burn.

5. Horseback Riding

Do you think horseback riding can just give fun to your life? Think again as this exciting ride can burn up to 200 calories in a 45 minutes time. This is not a fraud as this is supported by Texas A&M University. Actually, this is my second favorite next to ATV Ride.

6. Sky Drop

When you try this heart-pumping ride, Skydrop can help you lose some weights! How? During this ride, you will shout out so hard! And According to thelist, Laughing burns calories by causing your heart rate to rise by 10 to 20 percent. Laughing intensely for an hour can burn as many calories as lifting weight for 30 minutes, those same scientists have found.

7. Wake Boarding

Last weekend, we haven't try wakeboarding since there's no more time. But mind you! According to, wakeboarding can burn up to 500 calories per hour. Waterskiing and wakeboarding target your back, core, abdominal and leg muscles. The effort you will put into pulling with your upper body and pushing with your lower body makes for a whole-body workout. Your legs and core will be engaged throughout the ride.

8. Waterfalls Trekking

Why I love trekking is the benefits of burning calories during hiking. This works both muscle and cardio of our body. This activity can burn from 400-500 calories in an hour! Imagine that? Fun and burning fats together in one!

9. Wall Climbing

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Just like rock climbing, wall climbing requires full body strength while going up and down the wall. According to, rock climbing can burn anywhere from 500 to 900 calories per hour, provided climbers keep rest to a minimum between routes. Research suggests rock climbing can also build strength, power and bring aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels to new heights.

10. Ropes Course

Most of the time, ropes course is made for team building and development. But aside from this purpose, do you know that this activity can burn from 100-172 calories for 30 minutes?


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And after all those activities, you can chill in their relaxing pool!

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