40-Year Old Bachelor Determines To Live Healthy While Working At Fast-food Chain

Working in a famous fast-food chain as a high-ranking employee is indeed a stressful yet fulfilling job. But this won't stop a 40-year old Bachelor who is living a healthy lifestyle for 4 years already. Despite a hectic schedule, Nelson Judaya always gives time to go to the gym and sweat it out. Together with his mother, they get a one of a kind bonding while getting fit together.
Nelson Judaya from 226lbs to 170 lbs
Nelson Judaya from 226lbs to 170 lbs
Nelson is a Regional Marketing Manager of a big fast-food company in the Philippines. A lot of meetings are thrown every week, sometimes every day. He drives to different locations when there's a need to visit a branch. This is how occupied his schedule is. But his determination to work hard in his job is as equal as working hard to be fit and healthy. Remembering his foundation of why he started this endeavor, "It took so much determination and focus. Thus, I scheduled a vacation leave for 7 days with only one goal... to go to the gym and lose weight. I started at 6am and end at about 10am.  I did all the daily program. It was so painful and tiresome making me sleep and rest the remaining hours of the day." Nelson said. "For me, that one week was the foundation for creating my fitness habit. It was that 7 days of exercise that created a pivotal routine of really getting to where I am now, from a body weight of 226 lbs to 170 lbs losing a total of 56 lbs," he added.

Before and after pics of Nelson Judaya and his mother
Before and after pics of Nelson Judaya and his mother
Here's an exclusive Question and Answer from our first featured Gym Buff for this year 2018.

CFB: What is your motivation why you started in this field?

What keeps me doing what I'm doing is the conscious decision to never stop until I'm proud... I am yet to have 6 pack abs and there's no stopping even after that moment comes. Working out should be part of everyone's lifestyle that's why I'm making it part of the regular things I do daily.

CFB: In regards to weight training, can you give us an overview of a typical week?

On weight training, it's basically two to three times a week. I perform the basic and simple routines since I really don’t want to be so muscular. I just want to look lean.

Before and After pic of Nelson Judaya
Before and After pic of Nelson Judaya

CFB:  How much and what types of Cardio do you do?

I have cardio every day. It’s generally intense cardio of 10 – 20 minutes and about 25 – 45 minutes of low intensity, I also make sure I don’t overdo it.

CFB:  What are the contents of your fridge?

It’s just the regular content of most people. It has vegetables, fruits, yogurt and some mix of red and white meat (pork, poultry, fish, and Beef).

CFB:  What is your favorite health food? Favourite cheat food?

Favorite Health foods are fruits, green salad, all types of nuts and raisins. Favorite cheat food is any sweets be it cake, ice cream or doughnuts.

Nelson Judaya selfie in his workout
Nelson Judaya selfie in his workout
CFB:  What is your usual post-workout meal?

It’s a full meal consisting of green salad, rice, meat, and desserts. Usually, it’s a full meal during breakfast since I go to the gym in the morning, normally at 6am.

CFB:  Who are your favorite athletes or fitness competitor and why?

Michael Fred Phelps II, I’ve always loved the water and It’s my dream to be a real swimmer.

CFB:  Which part of your body serves as your best asset? Why?

My shoulders, I guess its naturally broad and I think it makes me look more fit.

Nelson Judaya selfie in his workout
Nelson Judaya selfie in his workout
CFB:  What 4 tips you can give to newbies who love to go to the gym and want to live a healthy life?

4 tips that worked for me and may benefit you, can be summarized into FITS:

FITNESS schedule should be treated compulsory – it should be an obligation, similar to being at the office by 8 am, no IF’s no BUT’s. It’s a must!

INSTILL a habit of sticking to your meal plan. Losing weight is more than just exercise. The real challenge is what you put in your mouth when you are hungry. You have to be mindful of the calorie intake. Sometimes, you are not really hungry but you are just craving for something to eat try to be conscious about it and eliminate the "just craving" part.

TAKE a record of your progress. You may monitor your weight by writing your numbers on a paper, display it in your room. List the calories you burned in your cardio exercise and make sure you beat it the next time. Remember… if you don’t know where you are, it doesn’t matter where you are going. Don't trust your memory it's different when you really see it. You may even graph it to see your pattern.

STAY committed… keep a nothing-can-stop-me-from-exercising attitude. Keep moving forward and learn to enjoy what you are doing so that it won’t feel like you’re just working out. At most times it's the mindset that makes you do what you do... decide to exercise, no excuses.

Nelson Judaya in Paris
Nelson Judaya in Paris
CFB:  What are your future plans? 

Train to be a marathoner and soon a triathlete.

CFB:  What is your favorite fitness quote?

Don’t stop until you are proud... keep moving forward.

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