Why we need Post-workout Massage? Try The Spa By Omnia Bellus!

During Workout, our muscles are engaged in very intense exercises and weight-lifting. Muscles might be damaged without us noticing or feeling it. But do you know we can help our muscles back to normal or even let them grow with the help of Post-workout Massage? In a recent Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research; (1) Just fifteen minutes of massage after a brutal workout improved proprioception and strength in the gastrocnemius (calf) muscle (2) Researchers speculated improved muscle fiber regeneration was responsible for the effects on body awareness and strength.

Here in Cebu, Cebu Fitness Blog discovered a new and clean Massage Spa that every Cebuano Gymrats need, The Spa By Omnia Bellus. This Spa is situated in ground floor, Andy Hotel, AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City Cebu. It is owned by business partners Mark LLoyd Jamelo and Mrs. Darryl Pascua Manubag. The said Spa has relaxing interiors, from its Entrance, Reception Area and inside the Massage Rooms. Not to mention its unwinding looks of its bricks that make the Waiting area feels comfortable for Massage Lovers. Oh, if you love this kind of blocks, contact Cebu Natural Stones in Facebook.

The Spa By Omnia Bellus RATES:

Signature Pinoy Hilot Massage = Php 400.00
Swedish Massage = Php 300.00
Foot Massage [60 mins] = Php 300.00
Foot Massage [45 mins] = Php 250.00               
Body Scrub = Php 500.00
Foot Spa = Php 350.00
Natural Facial Cleansing = Php 450.00


Address: Ground Floor, Andy Hotel, 727 AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City Cebu
Contact: 09158957788, 032-513 2099
FB Page: The Spa by Omnia Bellus 

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