Wednesday, March 25, 2015

These Cebu Hunks Will Make Your Summer Hotter

Let's face the fact, most of the hunky Dudes in the country are living in Cebu. These Bros and our Idols spent hours and days in the gym to be fit and to get that most coveted body. And Summer is on its way, what can we say? Yash, those biceps, triceps, traps, chest, torso, legs and abs will make your Summer Hotter, ever! This compilation of Cebu Hunks is made to inspire other Brothers who are lazy to get their ass off their Couches and instead go to the gym. In this era, online stuff and computer games influenced us and made us lazy. Instead of controlling them, they controlled us and forgot to take care of ourselves especially our body. With these featured Cebu Hunks, we can decide to change our lifestyle, stay fit and be healthy!

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Now, let us show you some Facebook friends of our Cebu Fitness Blog Author or Social Media Users in Cebu which will burn the "Queen City of the South" with their topless shots. Indeed, These Cebu Hunks Will Make Your Summer Hotter. Prepare!!

Because ladies out there want a baby face in a "HULK" body! Here's Stace Philps Cervantes

Because this dude want it dirty and colorful during Summer. Who wants to join Verge Llego?

  If you can do "Human Flag" then you can be friend with Rami Harven Gallego

  Because Summer means dipping in a water like that, JC Cortes is inviting you!

Because Maronel del Castillo wants to show his shoulders and make that face for you....

Thinking how to make a pose when you visit Kawasan Falls? Try Raymund Santiago's style, showcasing your body like that!

Oh, remember Gil Wagas? Mr. International 2013 4th Runner Up is from Cebu, and yash, shoulders and biceps should be like that!

Because every Daddy in the world should be as fit as Lnce Salvalleon. His wife must be very happy!

Are you wondering where that tatts of Junexzy Manuel Montinola is going? Oh, that's summer - HOT! LOL

Are you familiar with ABS-CBN Central Visayas's MAGTV Na? That "Hulk Guy" host is Kris Nimrod Davis Cabigas and he's welcome to host you during Summer! Say Yes!

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Photo Credits: Users' Facebook Profile

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