Nude Men Crossfit at Spartan Mentality Is A Hoax

Yes, It was intended for April Fool's Day and confirmed, Nude Men in Crossfitness at Spartan Mentality Crossfit in Aarhus is a hoax! "It started out as an April Fool’s joke that got too much attention," said Rune Jensen, the co-owner and an instructor of the gym.

The April Fool's story also said that exercises included the kettlebell – a cast-iron ball with a handle that you swing up above your head and back down between your legs – as well as rope-climbing (but watch out for that rope burn!).  ( said in a Copenhagen Post )

"We then actually decided to start up the nude sessions, but in the end there was too much media focus on us. It all got a little too comical and we changed our minds. I have no idea how the story went viral." he added.

Jensen or other members didn't recall that an interview was done with Gaily Grind. "No, not at all. Unfortunately – as that would have been hilarious. They most likely translated the content from an old Danish article," he said.

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