Fat To Fit Secrets, A Merman Tells It All

Are you sick of going to the gym or running for an exercise just to get fit? How about Mermaiding? “Mermaiding” (a word coined by Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy) is both an artistic expression and a fun whimsical way to keep fit. And here in cebu, there's a Mermaiding Instructor who shared some secrets how to get fit from being fat. Francis Jay Renier Osalla who works as Professional Swimming and Mermaid Instructor at Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy Cebu agreed that Mermaiding is a total body workout which promote Core Stability. "Core stability is very important in Mermaiding since both of your legs are together and you have to engage your core to help you move in the water." Franz started.

Franz Osalla Photos During Mermaiding Sessions

Aside from a well deserved physique, Mermaiding will teach you Time management and the value of Patience. Franz shared, "I've been very busy since I got into this Mermaiding. I am more aware of time management and I really value time now. I'm also getting tested with my patience from my students. Some don't have basic swimming skills yet but wants to learn the Mermaid Swimming. It's kinda hard but as a Mermaid Instructor it's my duty to share my knowledge and teach every one who wants to learn. "

Mermaiding Plus Yoga, Franz and Friends

And every fitness comes the idea on the right Food intake, Franz agreed and believed, "During breakfast, eat like a King. During Lunch, eat like a Prince and During Dinner, eat like a Pauper" What does this mean? Simple, eat a lot during Breakfast and make it smaller in the afternoon until evening and stop eating after Dinner. Make sure during those meals, a well-balanced diet is observed so that needed nutrients are met. "I love to detoxify my body so I'm into this juicing stuff. And my favorite is the Lemon-Cucumber-Mint Detox. Every night, I prepare my detox water and I'd drink it in the morning as soon as I wake up." Franz spilled some secret. "Why this? Number one  that it keeps your weight down. Lemons are said to curb hunger pangs thereby reducing trips to the fridge and pantry between meals. Another is fine tuning your digestive system. Known for their digestive benefits, lemons help flush out toxins and impurities from our system. Say goodbye to constant heartburn and indigestion. Both lemons and cucumbers are diuretic so your body does not retain excessive water making you feel less bloated. Cucumbers are also very high in fiber which again helps the flushing out process. Having that perfect skin- Who doesn’t want flawless skin? Drink the magic potion, your skin will go all clear, fresh and radiant. Drinking alkaline water daily can neutralize the acidity and wash acid waste products from cells and tissues. Ingredients: 12 cups of filtered water (3 quarts) 1 medium organic cucumber 2-3 small organic lemons 10-12 organic mint leaves Directions: Wash lemons and cucumbers; slice thinly. Add lemons, cucumber, and mint to pitcher. Cover with water and refrigerate at least 4 hours or overnight "

Lemon-Cucumber-Mint Detox

Aside from Mermaiding, Franz teaches Zumba at CITIGym and do some Yoga. "I practice Yoga everyday for my flexibility and strength as well. Mermaids have to be flexible especially when doing tricks in the water like back and front roll." Franz added.

"Eat Clean. Train Dirty."  Franz ended.

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  1. They're doing mermaid yoga on land? Do they hop around in those tails or crawl?