Top 7 Holiday Fitness Tips For Christmas

When December comes, everybody's excited for it's the much awaited Holiday of the year. During this Yuletide season, we celebrate the birth of our dear Jesus Christ thus, party invites are everywhere and which means this is the eating and drinking season! Do you know in this season, average American gains 5-12 lbs? But don't worry as Cebu Fitness Blog  offers you tips on getting sexy, fit and fab while enjoying delicious foods in the kitchen and buffet!

Check this Top Holiday Fitness Tips For Christmas.

1.  Don't Stop Working Out. Yes, keep your daily exercise routine. Eating a lot on Christmas and New Year's eve has no differences on eating more during Birthdays, Thanksgiving and some big events. Also, it's good to work out before a party on the next day, at least you know how much food or carbs you'll take - at least you know you intake limitation.

2. Eat your regular meal before party. One of the most forgotten tips, always eat your dinner before going to a party. Why? Obviously, if you skip your regular dinner, then you'll come and arrive to the party hungry and might consumed everything in the buffet table. So try to keep your stomach slightly full with fruits and yogurts or oats.

3. Choose and Eat Healthy Foods. During that party, for sure various kinds of dishes are served but hey, focus on vegetables and protein rich foods such as lean Meat from beef and chicken, vegetable salad and some desserts which is good for your health like fruits and fruit salad. You can take or indulge a little with those calories rich foods but just a little, don't forget to count your intake.

4.  Don't fill your plate. It may sound crazy but yes, this is effective. Do not fill your plate with different dishes and eat slowly. You won't notice you'll be full and next time you know, you're done with your dinner and already enjoying one's company with cocktails or fruit juice.

5. Drink and Dance. It's okay to drink beer or any alcoholic drinks but make sure to hit the dance floor and sweat it out.  Take note, one gram of alcohol contains 7 calories - let's burn this!

6. Drink Plenty of Water. Water has been very useful in everybody's diet. Keep dehydrated and drink more water, thus you might consume less food.

7.  Get some sleep. Of course, you'll be exhausted after a party but as much as your mind needs this (sleep) , your muscles needs rest too.

Now, who wants to be a hunky Santa Claus? Photo: James Ellis. Credit: David Myrick

Generally, always keep on guard and focus on eating healthy even in Holiday season. If you have some suggestion, please do contact or send us message at our Official Facebook Page.

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