Working Out And Sports Are Components To Be Healthy And Fit

While newbies think that going to the Gym means getting that hunky body easily, Experts have been consistent with the evidence that participating to Sports and Physical activities can do more and maybe can contribute a lot to a healthier lifestyle. But on some factors, working out at the gym has something to do with that bulky muscles and some six packs abs. According to our GYM BUFF Mr. Ronan Christian D. Alao, going to the gym for work out and joining sports should go together. "I'm proud to say I can do more than working out at the gym. With my height of 5'7 1/2 and a weight of 132lbs, I'm getting involved with physical activities such as doing my favorite sports. It is important to use your hard earned body to the test. Both working out and sports should be together like doing a "cha-cha". In other words, It takes two to tango. " Alao added.

Mr. Ronan Christian D. Alao in his buff body

In his Gradeschool years, Christian used to be an outcast due to his sickly and scrawny look. But that changed when he enjoyed himself in some sports recommended by his Doctor. He did running, swimming and soccer as his favorite of them all, then came skateboarding. "Growing up was hard! Especially when people only judge by the physical looks. After I graduated highschool, I had a deep depression. I was physically unattractive. According to people, I got the face but not the body. A lot of rejections from those girls I courted were experienced. Prior to college, I decided to change my outlook." Christian confessed.

Mr. Ronan Christian D. Alao in his boney look before he decided to go to the gym and do some exercise
Then a determination was observed with self discipline and mind-setting, Christian was able to achieve a healthy and of course fit lifestyle. But how? While doing his favorite sports (as mentioned above), he also go to the Gym to lift some metals and not just a simple lifting but a proper-execution type of lifting. He was motivated and used his momentum to slowly gain the body he wanted. "It is not the amount or quantity of plates you lift, but the execution and quality of lifting are greatly observed." Christian advised.

Mr. Ronan Christian D. Alao doing some triceps routine

Christian resting before doing some lifting

Christian in his pull-up routine

Be positive in every work out and sports you are joining. Getting fit is not an overnight job, thus, don't be disappointed but keep the determination goes on.As what Christian highlighted on, "Getting fit is a choice. You can't wait for someone to go with you at the gym if he/she is not motivated as much as you are. It is you and you alone that can benefit from it. Not only looking good physically, but also in health and mind too."

Do that Shoulder routine!!

Have some time lifting one's body, right Christian?

Here's a biceps routine.
Generally, our Gym Buff Christian suggested not to minimize your eating routine. He does not believe in a diet. "I do not have a specific diet for as long as it is real food. Eating brown rice, eggs, sweet potatoes, fruits and veggies, oats, fiber rich foods as cliche' as it gets, are good for you.If you're born skinny, be sure to eat a lot and drink a lot of water ....and I mean a LOT of food and water to replace the food you burn at the gym." Christian ended.

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